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Massive Male Plus

Mass M1X Male Enhancement Review

Men who are facing male problems are of course nervous. Premature ejaculation is the most common problem among men across the world. Poor erections, erectile dysfunction (ED), low libido, and lacking testosterone are major male’s problems.

So, Mass M1X Male Formula and Testosterone Booster claim to help all those men who face the above-mentioned problems. They can get rid of all types of male problems safely and naturally. Then users of Mass M1X also find better power, high libido and drive, and improved virility. It is also men’s wellness and well-being.

Sum Up:

Like other male enhancement supplements, Mass M1X is also a testosterone booster supplement. But we cannot conclude the final statement about it until we read its ingredients and pros.

Massive Male Plus


See what Mass M1X Male Enhancement can do for you.

  • All-natural
  • Testosterone booster
  • Stamina maker & energy provider
  • Betters blood flow
  • Betters virility & manhood
  • Wellness and well-being


  • Cannot be used for medical male problems
  • Serious ED cannot be treated with this supplement
  • Patient of serious disease should use it after asking from doctor
  • Not available in markets, get online

Mass M1X Ingredients

The manufacturers claim that the ingredients are safe to consume.

  • Horny Goat Weed (*)

It’s been saying for a long time that this substance can help with erectile dysfunction problems. Recent studies prove that it betters the immune system. So, it is men’s wellness and well-being.

  • Boron (*)

It is helpful for many purposes. It helps to get free strong testosterone. So, it betters the estrogen production. It may also help you to have improved virility (manly power). 

  • Tongkat Ali (*)

Men who have low libido can use this substance. It is a natural “aphrodisiac” for those men. It is safe to consume and helps all users to have a higher drive.

  • Asian Red Ginseng (*)

It is used across Asia as men think that the substance is helpful in lowering stress levels. So, the substance helps to get stronger and longer “size”.

Other Potent Ingredients:

Saw Palmetto Berry, Sarsaparilla, Nettle Extract, Wild Yam, Orchic.

Facts / Realities:

The fact is the above-mentioned ingredients are Herbs. Maybe these can help with men’s wellness and well-being. But to correct male’s problems, these ingredients may not work. We have to think and understand the working process of Mass M1X Male Enhancement.

Massive Male Plus


Consume one capsule daily on a regular base. It is better for you if you take a dosage before 30 minutes of breakfast. The manufacturers say that users should always take healthy meals. Then they should also do healthy activities. Morning exercise can lower their stress and boost confidence.

Mass M1X Does it Work ?

The working process or mechanism is told in “strong words”.

The manufacturers are medics who told on the official site that Mass M1X produces testosterone (hormone). The fact is testosterone is a potent hormone that is responsible for “LOVE” between men and women.

They told further, the pills better the blood flow. Especially improved blood flow can strengthen erectile tissues. This always helps men to arouse stronger and longer erection. This boosts confidence.

The pills lower stress levels. Plus, the all-natural pills boost confidence as men have energy and stamina. After 2 months, they have improved virility (improved masculinity). They have improved manhood (manly power/power).


It is not possible to get the results in just 3 months as the manufacturer claim. We also know that the ingredients are not effective to resolve male problems.

We can only assume that the ingredients are best for men’s wellness. Let’s see customers’ reviews or opinions.


Mass M1X Reviews (Customer Reviews)

Liam J.:

Mass M1X is a great product that changed my life. It helped me to overcome most of my problems such as low libido and low energy. In just three months, I can perform well at the bed. Now I like to have Mass M1X at my home”.


“A male enhancement supplement like Mass M1X helps. But my other friends couldn’t get any special results. I am wondering to know the reason. You can try and get lots of benefits regarding your “performance” at bed”.


Mass M1X is all about “business”. It is an online product that is only to get money. It doesn’t work. I used to for about six months but I got zero results. It can just boost your energy, nothing else”.


Customers may say true or may not. Maybe they couldn’t use Mass M1X as the manufacturers recommended. The fact is this male enhancement supplement is a formulation of Herbs. Now, the era has changed and maybe those herbs couldn’t work for us. We have to look forward.

We have other male enhancement supplements on this site that work. Those are being demanded and used by men across the world. You can see and read their reviews on this website.

Massive Male Plus

Side Effects

Users reported some adverse side effects.

You may feel:

  • Pain in body
  • Sleeplessness
  • Frequent urination
  • Irritation

These side effects are not reported every time. But if someone has got side effects from this supplement then you should surely avoid it. Read other supplements’ reviews that are better than this one.

Is Mass M1X Shark Tank Safe or Not?

How can I measure the safety of Mass M1X ? The fact is it is safe but not helpful (effective). Herbs as the ingredients in Mass M1X  cannot help men to get rid of male’s problems. So, men need medical treatment.

Otherwise, we can also suggest other male enhancement supplements. If you wish to know and read their reviews then you can read on this website. We strongly say that those supplements are better than Mass M1X .

The Bottom Line

If you’re facing serious male problems then you must check yourself to a medical doctor. Mass M1X can only boost your energy.

We have also shown you other helpful, effective, and safe male enhancement supplements. You can try one of those supplements but with a doctor’s prescription. We hope that you surely get the results such as improved virility and manhood. And, we hope that your marital life becomes joyful.

Massive Male Plus

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