challenge and we’re  going

to  make it as simple and easy as possible to do now this is going to be quite a long video so if  you want any specific information it’s all going to be time stamped in the description below if  you are looking for a more straightforward diet plan by the way i do have quite a few videos  on these topics as well on how to lose weight i think one of them’s had over 8.6 million views  and the other one over 5 million views they’ve helped a lot of people around the world those ones  are a lot more simple to follow this one like i say it’s going to be a real challenge and we’re  going to do it every week but it is gonna help maintain that weight as well and stop it coming  back on but if you’re interested in those videos as well i will leave links them up here and in the  description below so i’m gonna stop waffling now let’s start with the diet plan so first of all  i want to say a massive



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