can cause constipation

too much fiber all in one go as this can cause constipation  instead slowly increase the amount of fiber that you eat so that’s week number one done we’re  now gonna move to week number two but please do let me know how you got on with week one also  make sure that you’re taking your weight make sure you’re keeping a log of it and let me know if  there’s any changes in the comments below i would love to know also let me know in week one which  one you found the hardest which one you found the easiest it was obviously two challenges which one  of the challenges did you find the easiest so now let’s get on with week number two and week number  two the first challenge that i want you to slowly introduce is exercise and i’m not expecting you to  go for a six mile run or go to the gym or anything crazy like that you can build it up slowly how  you like that’s the most important thing do it at your pace you don’t need to go straight into a  six mile run or straight into doing 100 pull-ups or anything like that do it at



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