stop eating around eight

stop eating around eight

i have around two snacks a day i stick to the schedule pretty much every day usually i do stop eating around eight o’clock because i found that sticking to a schedule and stopping at eight helps me digest my food much easier especially my last meal because dinner can be heavier sometimes and with a green tea before bed i would wake up in the morning feeling so much less bloated and so much more positive tip nine is don’t eat while standing up now i’m pretty sure everyone does this whilst we’re in the kitchen getting something ready we tend to throw things in our mouth without realizing that this can actually add to quite a lot of calories throughout the day even just cutting out this habit of eating whilst you’re standing reduces the calories you’re in a day without you even realizing now it was midway through march and i had already lost six and a half kilos i was really really happy but i did feel like i wanted to see some more progress so i realized i gotta start exercising you see i was a very very lazy person i hated exercising i lived 10 minutes from my school and i would still make my parents drop me off and pick me up and pick me up every single day because i wasn’t bothered to walk 10 minutes now i wasn’t then gonna go and get a gym membership because was i really gonna go no but what i realized was the idea of working out at home didn’t really bother me because i could just do my workout quickly have a shower and then get straight back into bed so that’s what i done i started working out at home now obviously





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