inspire a lot of peopl

inspire a lot of people

We kinda look alike in a weird way. (laughter) So, I’m, like, let me reach out to him. I reached out to him, I’m like, “Hey man, you are going to inspire a lot of people.” – [Kelly] Yeah. – Because, let me tell you, at my heaviest, I was 550 pounds, too. Okay, right now I’m rocking like 360, so (applause) Thank you, thank you. It’s hard and we need that community, so there’s days I wanna cheat, I wanna have that Chicago deep dish pizza. But I’ll go to your page and, you don’t even know this, and I’ll scroll and I will do a hey, you know what? I’m not gonna cheat today, thanks to you, man. – [Kelly] That’s so cool. (applause) What do you wanna say to him, like that’s a crazy how you inspire someone you don’t even know. – Little do you know, you actually, people like you inspire me a lot as well for this journey. Hearing that you’re down so much weight already makes me wanna continue towards my goal as well and just kill it. – [Kelly] You can do it. – [Marcus] And I’m glad to hear that I inspire you guys, you know, and it’s a give and take here and, you know what? If it wasn’t for people like you watching my TikTok, giving me support, I wouldn’t be down almost 40 pounds already myself



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