lose weight

lose weight

weight can change the size of your breasts if you gain weight your boobs will be larger and if you lose weight you might notice your breasts will shrink that’s because we cannot pick and choose and spot reduce fat you can’t expect to just lose weight only from your tummy and hips while remaining the fats around your butt and also breasts i wish we could do that but it just doesn’t work this way fat loss comes from all areas of your body and that means your breasts as well because they contain fatty tissue saying that however this isn’t the same for every woman since some women have denser breasts with less fatty tissue so again it really comes down to your genetics this leads on to the next fact what you see on social media has been enhanced big boobs super tiny waist big butts it’s not natural people with super lean bodies who have a low body fat percentage but with big boobs are all enhanced through surgery lower body fat means you will also have smaller boobs and the only way to achieve that bikini body social media has led you to believe it’s unfortunately to go under the knife so let’s start setting a more realistic expectation for ourselves if you want to lean up you will also have to be ready to sacrifice losing some size from your breasts what’s most important is to celebrate your weight loss and your health with new smaller pants














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